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New Updates

Director Tony Elwood and producer Paul Barrett go live on LA Talk Radio's Film Courage.

Tony and special guest,Director Ti West, were guest. Tony & Paul were in town for the Film Courage Interactive, where his Film Cold Storage was screened. The screening was well recieved. Karen and David at Film Courage are champions of independent filmmaking and have done their part to help get the word out about Cold Storage.

Tony and Paul were recently interviewed on Charlotte, NC-based nationally syndicated morning talk show The John Boy and Billy Big Show about the release of Cold Storage. Actors Nick Searcy and Jeff Pillars, a regular contributor to the Big Show, are also featured.

Click here to listen to the interview>>

Missed the live broadcast of Tony and Paul's interview on Film Courage? No worries, just check out the podcast.

Join Cold Storage producer/director Tony Elwood and producer Paul Barrett for a live interview on LA Talk Radio's "Film Courage" this Sunday, April 25th at 3:00 EST. They will be discussing the making of the movie, distribution, and their future plans. For more information on how to listen, go to

Cold Storage has been accepted into competition in the Fantaspoa Film Festival in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The festival takes place in July, which conveniently coincides with the domestic DVD release of the film. More news as it develops.

Click here to visit the Fantaspoa Film Festival website>>

Cold Storage has been picked up for domestic distribution by Lionsgate Films and will be released on DVD in stores everywhere in 2010.

Click here to learn more about Cold Storage>>






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